Next PALZ meeting – Geelong: 16/11/18

About Us

What is PALZ?

PALZ is a support organisation established to ensure all those from a high-powered work environment, and with the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, or similar, are able to maintain dignity and respect through active participation and interaction within a socially and intellectually stimulating environment.

PALZ will also facilitate research and is currently seeking tax-deductability status.

How and when does PALZ operate?

  • Autonomous groups with annual reporting requirements to PALZ organisation
  • President of each group elected annually from PALZ registrants; Secretary provided by Service club, Health-care agency, Council, or interested citizens
  • Appropriate venue eg. Council Hall; corporate meeting room
  • Bi-monthly meetings 10am-11.45am
  • Corporate-style speakers
  • Speakers briefed on audience need for multi-sensory inputs and repetition of key points
  • Non-meeting months may be industry visits, social events, or specific professional groups eg engineers, managers, lawyers, electricians
  • Annual corporate-style national conference

Who are the members of each group?
Those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or similar diseases; who are at the early stages of the disease; who have worked within an environment that has been mentally challenging; and the departure from which has left that person with a sense of significant social and intellectual deprivation.

Where does PALZ operate?
PALZ is able to operate anywhere there is a need, and will be established across Australia over the coming years.  It simply requires notification to the Board that there is intent to establish a group (as above) and adherence to governance requirements.

Why is there a need for PALZ?
Diagnosis is often accompanied by social and intellectual deprivation and personal identity and self-worth.  PALZ restores dignity whilst ensuring intellectual and social capabilities, with like-minded high-thinkers, are maintained.