We had hoped to be back to face-to-face meetings for 2021, but with the slow roll-out of vaccines, we have decided it is more sensible to run Zoom meetings till later this year and aim for a face-to-face Christmas get-together for each of the groups.
The first two meetings will be the first Wednesday of the month, and then revert to the first Tuesday of the month, to ensure our Western Australia group is able to join us. 
The dates of the meetings will be:

   Wednesday, April 7        10am EST      

See Latest News for speaker details                                               

             Wednesday, May 5         10am EST             

Tuesday, June 1              10am EST

Tuesday, July 6                10am EST

Tuesday, August 3          10am EST

Tuesday, September 7   10am EST

Tuesday, October 5        10am EST

Tuesday, November 9 (since the first Tuesday is Melbourne Cup Day   10am EST – a special Christmas speaker

Christmas meeting face-to-face in each group in December  


Facilitator           Ms Heather McKibbin

Email                   palz.geelong@gmail.com    

Meeting Place     BUPA Bellarine Lakes, 30

                           Resort Boulevard, Moolap 

Meeting Dates    3rd Friday for each of March,

                           May,  July,  September,

                           November of each year,

                           with ad hoc social meetings

                           by group arrangement

Meeting Time     10:00 - 11:45am


Facilitator         Dr Murray Verso

Email                 palz.melbournecentral@gmail.com         

Meeting Place   Meetings rotate though different 

                           businesses - advised through


Meeting Dates   2nd Friday for each of March, July

                          September, November of each year

                           with ad hoc social meetings by

                           group arrangement

Meeting Time    10:00 - 11:45am     


Facilitators       Mr Kieth Roffey

                         Ms Mary Murphy 

Email               palz.sydneycentral@gmail.com

Meeting Place Meetings rotate through

                        different businesses - advised 

                        by Facilitator

Meeting Dates Currently ad hoc - advised

                          by Facilitator

Meeting Time   10:00 - 11:45am


Facilitators        Mr Alan Russell

                          Ms Marggaret Quigley

Email                 TBA

Meeting Place   Banksia Village, Broulee 

Meeting Dates 1st Tuesday for each of March, July

                       September, November of each year

                        ad hoc social meetings by group



Facilitator        Ms Liz Holdsworth

Meeting Place  Shropshire Conference Centre

Details              palz.org.uk


Facilitator   Rotary Club of Wendouree Breakfast

Group being established during 2020

Expected to be operational by midyear


Facilitator     Mr Eric Wood

Group being established during 2020

Expected to be operational by midyear


Facilitators     Mr Rowley Tompsett

                       Mrs Denise Tompsett

Email              palz.canberra@gmail.com 

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